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ADISC fueled nightmare~

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I have to share this. It's too perfectly could have been a dark version of one of the stories I see written around here not to share. I had a nightmare and when I woke up the first thing I thought was.. welp, better share with ADSIC.

I'm blaming you all for this. Also a warning that this might seem a bit scary (I doubt it though it was mostly just scary because I was experiencing it) to people who dislike forced mental age regression / have a fear of needles.

In the dream well.. I definitely was me but some parts of it made me think I was also a little girl. I really can't tell you exactly, but everyone in the dream treated me like the full adult I am so let's just go with that. It just conflicts with a few things later on. My dreams are well.. dreams and always tend to border on nonsensical things like that contradict each other. I think it's so I can tell they are dreams. There was all this boring section in the first part with me looking for a home. Since my life became so amazing after my caretaker came into the scene, most of my bad dreams have to remove her either by having her irrationally hate me or just pretending she doesn't exist.

In this case it was the she doesn't exist thing and I was looking for a place to stay by myself. By the time I find some friends who suddenly call me out of the blue.. (how did they call me without any money to pay for a phone I don't know) and offer a place to say I'm embarrassingly unshaven and all these other things that make me humiliated to go to them but I do.

I don't recognize all the people in the friends house, one of them is new to me.. a nice looking guy with a nice smile. The others are actually old friends of mine that moved away a long time ago! in normal life I might have been more excited to see them, but i was embarrassed about how I was looking at the moment. After the fact we went on the road because apparently where I actually was staying was with the friend I didn't know. I would have and was nervous about this, but.. in the past these two friends have pushed me to do things that were very good for me even if at the time I was sure I didn't want to do it. The dream was smart to include them, it made me more willing then I should have been even in the dream.

Apparently he had a wife, and my friends promptly left when we arrived, leaving me to mingle with my new house guests. Boring stuff followed, shower/cleaning up.. and I was suprpsied to see they laid out a dress for me. I mean, I was pleased! I just realized my friends probably told them, and I was glad they were understanding.. they seemed a bit old-fashioned to me. Then as I turned around all dressed, I only got a flash of the woman coming behind me and sticking me with a needle.

When I woke from the dizzying effect of the needle, somehow I had definitely gotten smaller and weaker. I know this because they picked me up while they were telling me how they were going to make me their baby forever! (Yes seriously, believe me I'm deeply ashamed about my dream doing this too.) I adamantly said no, this wasn't something I wanted.. I might want to be a little girl sometimes but actually regressing into a permanent babystate would be torture. We talked for a while, and eventually I realized that they were nuts and seriously planned on doing this. This place was so out of the middle of nowhere and so big.. I felt like my chances of escape were low. I tried to beg for my freedom, but when that didn't work I begged for the ability to just act like their baby willingly without them doing any more Frankenstein Science to me. I found it funny when the woman just said NOPE! all simple and matter of fact and tried to jab me with another needle. I say TRY because again.. my dream logic was poor. Just a moment ago they showed how they could easily just hold me and pick me up like a baby, yet I'm somehow able to overpower her and break her needle and run off.. but as they do they tease me that there is nowhere to go, and that whatever was in the needle would work anyway.. since it had gotten all over my hands..

And I woke up. Not exactly glamorous or written like a story. Because it's too dark for that. But you all inspired this dream, so you deserve to have to listen to it. xD

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