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The life and mind of Takashi Morinosuka

Dream log entry 3

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Ok to start off I remeber being in a big city, simalar to New York but not the same. I was walking around with my mom and we were just talking about random stuff and then we go into a back allyway and when we came out I saw a candle light vigual and I thought someone had died but when we get closer I see a group of about 10 people with candles infount of them and they are speaking German and giving the Hitler salute and my mom has no idea what's going on, she can be a real simpalton at times.

I take a few steps back and whisper to my mom and tell her that they are Neo Nazis, she freaks out alitle but not enought to get their attention. I walk up to them and give the salute so I can be on equal ground with them and I start speaking German asking them what they are doing and they answer with what I would expect. "We are holding a vigual for the Fuehrer." I nodded in respect and excuded myself and walked back to my mom and told her that there's not much going on and we can go.

Well they didn't like that because the next thing I know my mom and I are being chased through out the city. I remeber us being seporated and me jumping from fire escape to fire escape trying to get away and then I remeber being captured and being knocked out and waking up in their headquarters. Apparently I impressed them with all of my runing and jumping I did to get away from them and they wanted me to be the top Nazi of the group. I refused and was shot and then I woke up.

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