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Arietta's LG Toys: New Strawberry Shortcake Doll!

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Hey everyone! Some might know this about me but I.. I love toys. A lot. I'm especially in love with anything that has Strawberry Shortcake, Lalaloopsy, or Sofia the First on it.

Since I get so many things, I thought.. why not blog about the new toys I got?

So I'm one of the biggest fans of Strawberry Shortcake I know. I love the 80's stuff. I loved the second generation Strawberry Stuff that came out in the early 2000's, and it's what brought me into the series. I love the newer stuff that started when Hasbro got ahold of her and redesigned her. I just LOVE Strawberry Shortcake.

Unfortunately for a long while, there wasn't any toys of her coming out! Then all of a sudden The Bridge Direct revealed that they were making a line of them! I think they are affiliated with Hasbro, because Hasbro is still advertising the new Strawberry apps and even these toys on their site. Not sure what's going on with that really.

To be honest, I was EXCITED that someone new was giving them a chance though. I love Hasbro's marketing arm, but I dislike the toys they came out. They were just boring, and didn't care to look much like the characters.. there was just a general feeling of lack of quality I got from them. These new ones are so cute though!

One of the problems I had with this toy was finding her. She has been out for at least a month, but all the stores that were supposed to have them didn't. Finally my caretaker comes home today and was all.. "guess what showed up at work?" and sure enough, finally! I was so excited!

Immediately, just like in the pictures I was so impressed with the packaging on her. So vibrant and colorful and cute! I honestly want to get another one just for display! It was hard to bring myself to open her!

However many things made me know I had to open her. Part of it was just that although you can see that Smells Berry Sweet on the packaging, there was no little hole you could sniff to get a sample of the smell! I loved that about the old dolls, but I imagine this keeps the smell very strong and unweakned.. but still. I was sad I had to wait to open it to smell her. The plastic has little strawberry bumps and eerything though. I just really loved it.

The back of the packaging has a little advertisement for the other girls and explains what you get.. although it's obvious to see what's in it I guess this is a good thing if you think something might be missing! I also am going to take this time to mention that like many little girl's toy lines, the dolls do suffer a tad from that "all of them have the same face" thing going on, but I'm really used to it and the small differences like Strawberry's freckles make it less glaring to me. Still, this bothers some people so I felt it important to mention! I totally am planning on getting the others!

The second I dug the knife into the plastic, the Strawberry smell started to burst at my nose! It's not the same Strawberry smell of either old generations, but it was unmistakably that Strawberry Shortcake toy vibe! I imagine that even if it's not the exact same scent, fans of the old old toys will get a burst of nostalgia! I know I did!

Perhaps because she was just a 10-15 dollar toy, the "let's defend this from shoplifting" overpacking was to a miminal. Just a second plastic insert to keep her sitting correctly and then a tie around her hair to keep it orderly in the box! I was playing with her in no time!

I'm actually pretty impressed with the joints on her, she feels.. sturdy. She can actually stand unlike some of my other Strawberry toys which is a huge plus for me because I like to stand them on a shelf when I'm not playing. I love the details on her outfit and I love her hat and in general she just is a really cute toy! Her brush is pretty standard, but in the quality side of standard.. I don't feel like I'm ripping her hair out when I brush. That's good!

All and all this is the Strawberry Shortcake toy I've been waiting for. It looks just like her and makes me feel like playing out some scenes! I can't wait to get the others! For now, she and me will say so long! Very little to complain about!

(That smell is going to infect this room for a while now... yay!)

I would love to keep doing these, so any advice on what would make these more interesting.. what kinda pictures and stuff I could talk about, or if you guys are interested in some of smaller stuff I have.. do let me know!


  1. Snivy's Avatar
    I love toy planes so were in the same boat as loving toys. Anyone that knows me knows my love for planes.
  2. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    Planes are really cool! ^_^ You should show off your favorites sometime!
  3. Snivy's Avatar
    I did but I might make more entertainments some day
  4. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    Oh, you did? That's good! ^_^ - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.