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A wet breakfast

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So right now it's 6 am and I have the house to myself. I've been up for an hour and made breakfast.
I've come outside to our backyard patio area, which is nice and secluded, and sat down to eat, have a coffee, and a smoke. The sun is coming up, and while its a bit cool, I'm nice and warm in my footed onesie.
I don't have any diapers at the moment, so all I'm wearing underneath is a pair of cotton boxers and a t-shirt.
I didn't have a pee first thing, as I woke up about 2:30 and used the bathroom and the urge was only minor when I got up. I was planning on letting go in the shower a bit later while wearing a pair of denim shorts, then doing the washing.
Halfway through eating my breakfast, the combination of 2 coffees and the cold air hit me, and the urge to pee was suddenly quite severe.

Long story short, I wet myself. I'm sitting on a wooden chair at the table, and decided to let a bit out on purpose. I relaxed a bit, and started to release slowly.
Within about 3 seconds, I lost control completely though. So while I'm sitting hear eating my bacon and eggs,I fully soaked my onesie. It's not very absorbent, so I've made quite a mess on the cement under my chair. My feet are drenched, and I'm pretty much soaked from the bum down. I'm watching 3 little streams running across the ground toward the lawn.
Next mission will be to strip off outside so as not to leave wet footprints through the house.

Why did I blog this? No real reason. I guess it's just nice to indulge in some naughty "little" time, and then enjoy it for a short while.

I think that part of me just wants, on occasion, to have a caregiver that I could run too, while being a bit upset, and utter those Magic words, "I've had an accident. I just wet my pants!"

I'm not really expecting anyone to read or comment on this mindless post. It just made me feel good to wet myself and talk about it!



  1. Maxx's Avatar
    I bet you never knew that's why patios are generally brick or concrete, and lawn chairs are plastic. That's also why there's a water spigot for a hose at the back of your house. You probably thought that had something to do with gardens and foliage.
  2. soggyboy's Avatar
    You're an insightful man Maxx. Lol - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.