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Oh boy oh boy... I've been feeling really weird recently. Various mixed feelings to be exact. Up till now, I haven't got any aims or goals that I really want to achieve, besides serving the army for my country. But trust me, I'm not that much of a patriotic person. I just need to get away from home... But due to my studies, I'm being held back from it. It takes a normal person 3 years to complete their studies in the polytechnic, I'm taking 4. Electronics and computer just isn't my forte. As for now, I just felt that I need some kick in my life. I don't even know what to write here, life is messed up, parents are divorcing, stress from studies, stress from this deep dark secret, stress this stress that. Screw singapore!!! World class education my ass! Just need to get all these of my chest sorry.. I know, wall of text.

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