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Depressed, happy, apathetic, relieved, ganja all in two days...

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So this is my first blog I don't know if this is going to look stupid or anything but I'm just trying it out. So here goes.

This week was finals week just like all the other high schools across America, fun right? Well I'm pretty sure my gpa dropped to a 3.2. Yikes. I have been studying like a stressed out mofo sense last tuesday and I still think I failed completely especially on APUSH. Next semester should be better if I try, I am taking genetics but I switched into regular chem from advanced so it should be nice. It's not that I'm seriously gifted and smart I just end up being stuck in these ridiculously hard courses that I never can make heads or tails of.

At least my last boyfriend and I have been making nice lately, well my last two boyfriends to be more exact. It's a really long story but to say it short: my ex Michael found some new love of his life that he is totally smitten with and he apologized to me for being an arrogant ass and I apologized for hacking into his facebook. My other exboyfriend David and I never really connected and I felf so bad because he is really gentlemanly and sweet but he is always so shy and we broke it off really fast. We are starting to talk now, really have a friendship, instead of just small chitter chatter. I have given up all hope of understanding my sexuality. Boys seem to be more attractive but girls connect with me better. I'll probably end up like Dr.Frankenfurter and create my own love life or Amanda from the Dresden Dolls. Truth be told, I don't really care anymore. It's winter break and I really do plan on sleeping more than I am awake.



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