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24/7 starts again tomorrow evening

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I can't wait any longer, the hot weather is over now so it's time to put the potty aside and get padded all day long. Wipes and sundries are now stocked up, there are already dozens of packs of nappies lined up ready in the spare room since the last full-time session. There's a plastic sheet on the bed and I just took all the regular underwear out of the drawer (except for tomorrow's) and replaced it with 12 pairs of waterproof pants. There are some new girly pink PVC ones along with my favourite blue ones, high waist and low, every situation covered. The change bag is loaded, I'll take it with me tomorrow although it won't be needed, just to get used to having it around.

And I feel like.... YESSSSS!! Nappies!!!!!


  1. WearingClouds's Avatar
    Yay! Happy to hear ^__^
  2. Paxe's Avatar
    And we're off. Never mind Sleep In Diapers Friday, if things go to plan this is Sleep In Diapers 2014-2015. I did my last poo on the potty, took a shower and now I'm padded up for the foreseeable future as long as work conditions permit, and I have to take that as it comes. My work changes rapidly and unpredictably; sometimes that makes it really helpful to have a nappy on as I get stuck at the computer / in a control room / in the middle of nowhere for hours at a time. Occasionally it's not so practical as there's little privacy to change in the field, but during the last 6 months of 24/7, that only caused real trouble once or twice. So it's at least 23.75/7 if not 24/7.

    Someone on another thread mentioned not sitting on or using the toilet. I won't be sitting on it but will still be using it to flush away my solid waste, soiled liners, pads and wipes after a messy change. The potty can stay under the bed, don't think I'll need that at all, nor the bed pan. The changing table is where it's at!

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