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Life as a 50ft giant Adult Baby

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Hi my name is Bryan and I am as the title says a giant!
I was 23 when I had the almighty growth spurt which left me towering over my street. It was hard at first to cope with but when my AB supplies were produced I was content.

Chapter 1
It's a beautiful day in the town and everyone is out enjoying themselves and going on holiday, which gave me a thought. Well, wandering where to go wasn't hard, after all being a giant makes travel all the more easier, don't it?

So with that I merrily stomped over to Windsor to pick my girlfriend Annabel up. Along the way I was getting nervous. What if she freaks out?, I can imagine it would be like the film King Kong!. Anyway I was at her house and tapped on her window. The 'tapping' was more like smashing to her tiny self. I'm afraid she wasn't too impressed...
"Hey Annabel care to come on holiday with me?" I said softly with a super sonic boom of a voice. This caused her to fall back on her bed. Whilst she was getting up she agreed and with that she hastily washed and dressed herself.

"But Bryan, how will I be able to go with you?" She questioned. So i reach my hand in through the window and she walks in.

"Right Annabel, ready to go?" I exclaimed whilst holding her away from my voice. "Yes! Let's go!" She snapped gleefully.

Chapter 3
We where on our way to the beech passing picturesque scenery including a few rural areas. Everything was was going well until we needed to stop at the service station. Whilst Annabel was browsing around the small shops I felt a small rumble in my stomach, I was hungry, I needed to eat something. Luckily I had a sandwich in my giant bag in which by the time I opened it I consumed it all with in a matter of seconds.

"Ok Annabel time we went", with that she climbed into my hand and we set off. "LOOK" she cried "I CAN SEE THE SEA!". It was so beautiful and clear. When we got there we settled down.

"Erm Anna...", "you don't suppose there are any um toilets round here?". Annabel sighed "you don't have to go AGAIN do you?". "Yes, Annabel I do" I said. Before she could say a word I grabbed my bag and went behind some trees, but I was too late.

I stood there embarrassed in a soaking wet nappy unsure what to do.
Luckily I had some wipes and powder, aswell as another nappy which I successfully changed into.

After cleaning up I went back to my girlfriend and placed her upon my lap.

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