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Wearing diapers 24/7

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Hello everyone! This blog is to inform everyone of my progress for 24/7 diaper wearing! Today marks one whole week of diaper wearing and using. I haven't sat on or used a toilet in a whole week!

Here is a breakdown of some changes I've noticed.

By day three, I was more relaxed at just going in my diaper. When I have to go, I just went. Throughout the week, I would practice wetting my diaper whilst walking forwards and backwards to simulate real events such as walking through a store. At first this was hard. As soon as I started walking or doing an activity, my pee would stop. With practice, I am slowly but surely overcoming this. The important part is to never force pee out. This only strengthens your sphincter muscles and defeats the purpose of achieving a more steady and natural flow.

I've noticed that by day 7, my pee pee "leaks". By this I mean, I seem to have an almost automatic dribble effect whenever I intake fluids. It's is awesome! I haven't involuntarily wet the bed (yet).

I will update again in another week!

(I do not endorse nor advise others to repeat anything I do. This is strictly for scientific purposes and keeping track of data. No responsibility/liability is held by me or this website if such actions are repeated. Thank you)


  1. quattrus's Avatar
    Congratz! I see you're progressing very fast! Keep it up!

    Myself I've cheated a bit: even though I've been padded most of the time, I used the toilet too a few times and "aired out" a bit on Monday afternoon until mid evening
  2. WearingClouds's Avatar
    [QUOTE=quattrus;bt33967]Congratz! I see you're progressing very fast! Keep it up! :2thumbsup:

    Myself I've cheated a bit: even though I've been padded most of the time, I used the toilet too a few times and "aired out" a bit on Monday afternoon until mid evening :o[/QUOTE]

    It's all good! As long as you're having fun is what counts!
  3. mattyd's Avatar
    May I ask what diapers you selected for wearing 24/7? I tend to wear a mix of superio's with abri-let normals, abena m4 plastic backed, or first quality IB briefs with an abri-let maxi. If I really must not be diapered, I've been using the always discreet pull ups that just came out. Once in a while I will wear the tena slip maxi, but I savor those since they quit making plastic backed ones. I'm hoping to test out the new size absorbancy plus diapers that xp medical just did (the previous two sizes were either too big or too small).
  4. Paxe's Avatar
    Nice to hear you're having fun being toilet-free! I'm just about to restart 24/7 after a couple of months break and totally looking forward to that free-flowing feeling that you describe. Letting little sprinkles happen whenever, wherever. I suppose it doesn't matter whether you let your bladder fill or not, as long as the nappy keeps you comfy and happy. Perhaps it's best not to have any goals for wetting 'skills' (though I would like to be able to wet while driving which I still can't do), just let things happen naturally. When I stopped wearing a few months ago it took a day to get used to the fact that I couldn't just go when I felt like it, but didn't have any serious accidents.

    You say you haven't sat on the toilet for a week so I guess you are doing solids in your nappies as well. Lots of people on here seem to avoid that but for me it's all part of the point of wearing nappies. Anything that needs to happen 'down there' is OK to do in a nappy, just ask any baby!
  5. WearingClouds's Avatar
    @Mattyd: I usually wear tena slip maxi or tena slip super (plastic backed from Europe). I also really like girls L/XL goodnites for the daytime! I have a giant assortment of diapers and usually mix and match whenever lol. When I have to be really active at work, I prefer an Abena Abriflex M3 with normal abena booster pad. It hold a ton and fits nice!

    @Paxe: Yeah, I'm doing "solids" as well. Driving and peeing is hard for me too. So far, I haven't been successful at it.. but I am hoping soon!
  6. mattyd's Avatar
    How were you able to get tena slip super? I'm assuming your in the states since you mentioned goodnites instead of drynites. When I do 24/7, I mostly do the solids as well, unless its very strong urge and I have a few hours before I can get a diaper change and I'm stuck at work. Peeing while driving takes a lot of practice. Sometimes sort of standing up at a stop light helps a lot, that definitely helps you with doing solids while driving. Make sure you have the car out of drive or are skilled at doing this before you cause a wreck. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.