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Fried GFX card. . . sigh.

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Somehow my gfx card got fried. Still not entirely sure how that happened. Ah well though. . . I don't have the money to replace it either. I mean it was a crappy card to begin with but it was still better then the integrated card (Which can't do anything AT ALL literally.)

So I can either wait until Christmas or find a way to come up with like $300. . . fun.

Anyways if anyone is interested in helping, I recommend you go to here:

That's my commission info. . . I write stories. Lol. (It would help a lot if any of you know anyone looking to get a story done, SFW or NSFW about your fur that you or they are willing to pay for! Would go right to a good cause! Getting me a new graphics card! Lol)


  1. w0lfpack91's Avatar
    dude that sucks i know the feels my EVGA GTX 770 4gb Fried a few months back lucily it was a manufacture defect with the thremal paste cause a major overheat and melted it so it was warrentied but damn. i know a GPU is a very expensive thing. though it may not be much at the time i know best buy's normally stock AMD 1GB cards for like $60 not a permanent fix but is a great back up untill you can get a larger one. i went out and got one to "limp" my big guy along untill EVGA finally got their heads out their rears and replaced it. possibly a temporary alternitive untill you get a bigger one - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.