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The life of Snivy

Fursona is in progress

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So I think I know what my fursona is going to be since Snivy was a temporary start.

I know what his name, age, and species is but I gotta draw a good layout of him. Hopefully by beginning of 2015 I will have my fursona up and running but with college exams and assignments I am forced to do of course my time is limited.

Name: (Don't wanna display because someone has taken a name of mine in the past and claimed copyright)
Age: 18 Months
Species: Fox
Eyes: Shiny Green
Fur Color: Whitish Gray
Head Hair: Yellow(Front tip)/Black(All top hair)
Tail: Tip Blue, Scale White with gray shadow lining

Oh this is going to be good hopefully ^^ but I can't do but so much drawing it's pathetic with all the time I got. I am busy into work this weekend it was a blessing of thinking about this idea inside my head while I learn about english at college >

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