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Update - planning to go back into nappies full-time again soon

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A few months ago I stopped wearing 24/7 for various reasons, health and comfort related, over the peak summer. There have also been times when my work has been too intense, complicated and stressful to allow true 24/7 anyway. But with cooler weather approaching and work starting to level out, it seems like a good time to look at options for my toileting routine.

I have been wearing nappies to bed some of the time anyway, occasionally also enjoying the luxury of putting one on just to do a poo. That's quite fun, it's very toddler-ish being dry during the day but needing a nappy at night, and not wanting to poo on the potty. But the simplicity and freedom of always being padded is very enticing, so it's likely that as soon as things calm down here to give me half a day to get organised, I'll return to 24/7.

Plenty of nappies in stock here from last time - dozens of packs of useful things like Molicare Super Plus and Lille Classics. The Lille performance is very average but they are cheap, full-cut and have nice thick plastic backing with strong tapes, so with one or two boosters they make an economical nappy that feels good and performs quite well. My brief foray into cloth-style last time was uninspiring so it will be plastic-backed all the way again. Waterproof pants are well provided for, I have 20 pairs both low waist for daytime and high-waist / bloomer style for night, plus control briefs to keep everything snug and discreet.

Unless work suddenly spirals out of control again, there's a chance of being toilet-free from say October to May. A thousand wet nappies and maybe four hundred messy ones to look forward to!

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