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The life of Snivy

best buds on ADISC

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My friend finally joined ADISC

Make sure you give him a warm welcome! He supports me and has no AB/DL interests but he likes alot of things. I hope he knows how to post an introduction. If you see him, give him a great...big...welcome!!!


  1. Mattew's Avatar
    That's a really good friend. How long have you guys known each other, and how long has he known about this side of you?

    I'm just wondering why he joined. Is he joining to better understand everything?
  2. Snivy's Avatar
    I've known him for 4 years and he knew about my babyfur side this June since I discovered me being a babyfur June. He has no interests in baby stuff or diapers but I kept encouraging him to join this site since it'd be nice to have one of your friends join this site if they support you. Ask him any baby question and he will be clueless. Ask ME a baby question and I will shoot an answer at you!
  3. Mattew's Avatar
    If he has no interest in any of this stuff, do you think he will actually visit the site much? I know we have the off-topic & mature forums, and a few other ones that aren't AB/DL related.

    For me being on this site, and connecting with others helps know that I'm not alone in this. I'll usually browse the forums for 30 minutes or so each evening, and see if there is anything that catches my attention. But here lately, I've mostly just been going onto the TeamSpeak.

    I live in a pretty rural area, and have to drive several hours and over 200 miles to be able to meet with others. So I've only got to meet a couple of people IRL. Because of the area that I live in, and lack of other people; I keep all this stuff about me very private, and only openly talk about it with others on sites like this one or in the TeamSpeak.

    But anyway, Yeah, you sure do have a really good friend to support you in this.

    Mind if I ask how exactly the conversation of you being a babyfur went with him? Is it something that you wanted to tell him, since you are such good friends? Or did he find something in your room, and you had to explain?
  4. Snivy's Avatar
    He told me over the phone and I explained there are mature topics and off-topics. He was over at my house today and I showed him a cool sub-forum "Computers and games". He is home now but I think he posted a thread about Dragon Ball Z games if I am not mistaken? He may not visit much but he will do his best. I am going to show him tapatalk on his tablet when he comes over this Saturday. But for now, College...sadly, here I come.

    Oh and the babyfur conversation, he was actually cool with it but his response was weird? He told me "You know astronauts wear those in space" after I showed him my pack of diapers -_- He is a crazy dude gotta love him ^^ My best friend! I have 2 more and they are both 18 but one doesn't have computer access much and the other said he will only join if I download some game called "War Thunder" - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.