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People are getting mad at me

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Because i am incontinent and am having accidents while i am sleeping

I am homeless and bounce around friends, family, and my moms house. But they are starting to get mad at me or making me sleep on the floor because i keep wetting myself at night. i tell them i cant help it but they refuse to listen. and until my SSI finally goes through i won't be able get diapers. A friends mom gave me a bunch of cloth diaper inserts but i don't have a way to use them. and it is really annoying because they are acting like i am having accidents on purpose.


  1. foxkits's Avatar
    Go to a doctor then they will change mind.
    The thrift stores can have cheap diapers .
    Or order some plastic pants and put a pad into your
    Underwear that may help or towels can make diapers also .
  2. Crissyfox's Avatar
    i have and they havent changed their minds. i don't have any money to buy diapers. i have a few cloth diaper inserts but no pocket diaper or plastic pants to put them in.
  3. bean's Avatar
    Like foxkits said, properly folded towels held in place by regular briefs can be pretty effective. Real plastic pants would be ideal, but even without those, you can make effective one time use plastic pants out of a kitchen sized garbage bag. A box of 50 will probably cost around 3 dollars. Here is what to do. Unfold the the bag, cut off the bottom corners of the bag to create holes that are slightly smaller than the diameter of your thigh. Once you have the cloth part of your diaper in place, you should very carefully put your feet through the holes and slowly pull the bag up over your legs. You want to slowly stretch the leg holes so they will be snug around your upper thighs, but you should be careful not to make them tight enough to cut off circulation. Tuck the leg openings up underneath the seams of your briefs. This will help prevent side leaks. Now pull the upper edge of the bag tight around your back, and gather all the excess material in front. Pull everything to a point of being comfortably snug, and tie the excess material into a knot. Now tuck the knot inside your new plastic pants so it will be out of the way. Voila! If you did everything right you just made a very effective overnight diaper entirely out of household materials. It will take some experimenting to figure out how to make it work and not have leaks. In the meantime, you can make a good bed protector by putting down a trash bag or old shower curtain and covering it with an old towel. Using all these towels will mean more laundry, but even if you don't have access to laundry facilities, you can wash stuff by hand in the tub and line dry it. Its some extra work, but if there is no money to buy diapers, it is a better option than losing sleep to wet beds. If you have any questions about making your own diapers, I will be glad to help. Good luck!
  4. Crissyfox's Avatar
    thx for the help. but you all are over estimating what i, and my mom, have. i believe there is a grand total of 3 towels in her house, and she has been using the same trash bag for 3 months. she really doesn't have the ability to help me, pretty much all I could ask strangers for money on the street but i really can't bring myself to. i don't do well asking people for things. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.