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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#128

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Coping with Unipolar DEpression is difficult, but it can be
managed. I manage to cope in my own way as an older adult
with Autism and Cerebral Palsy. As I mentioned before, for
me, socialization difficulties are a major trigger for down-
ward cognitive mood swings, other than the neurotransmitter
imbalance in my Autistic-Wired brain, which was also damaged
at birth also resulting in Cerebral Palsy. "Pills" only
work "so much" to mitigate Unipolar Depression. It is quite
helpful for me to "withdraw away from any stressful social
situations that my Autistic Cognitive Deficits are unable to
cope with". One has to have a bit of self-awareness as to
one's own cognitive limitations, which for me is quite a
challenge, because we Autistics have deficits in cognitive
awareness of our own emotional arousal states, and how we
are such "literal" thinkers with respect to language and
how it is use with its changing meanings, depending upon
time, place, and social context. Depending upon what we hear
from other people can really cause problems, such as an
Autistic toddler-style temper-tantrum meltdown in us adults
on the Autism Spectrum. Of course "Meltdowns" can trigger
major depression downward mood swings, which depending upon
the cognitive awareness of any particular autistic person
always results in extreme anxiety and guilt, that "self-
control" has been lost, where a lot of us on the Autism
Spectrum "aspire" to be like "Commander Spock", the non-
emotional Science Officer on the Starship Enterprise in the
TV show, "Star Trek". Most of the time, I am either like
Commander Spock, or I am an "emotional train wreck" on a
daily basis, depending upon what happened socially or with
respect to sensory cognition overload events. My own
emotions function in Binary, either 1 or 0, "on" or off".


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