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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#127

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I myself very rarely attend any social function that is
classified as a "Party". The only "Party" social functions
I attend are at the Asperger's Association of New England
for Halloween, Christmas, and the Annual Barbecue Picnic in
the Summer. At parties, I mostly stay on the sidelines and
simply observe everybody else. What little socia functioning
I have is "crashing" to a much lower level as I age with
being born with Autism. Even though I do on occasion go out
to "planned" social events with other ASperger's/Autism
adults, and I attend church and sgoot video for the Derry,
NH Community Public-Access CATV Channel, what few social
connections I do have expend a great deal of cognitive pro-
cessing power with respect to my autistic-wired brain. The
demands of even the minimal social connecting I do gets to
be very physically tiring.

I will note, that in today's world, it sems that in the
workplace, being very social seems to be more important than
being the person with the most knowledge or expertise in any
given specialty. THis gives us adults on the Autism Spect-
rum no end of trouble fitting in and thriving in any of
today's workplace environments. Unlike "Neurotypicals, we on
the Autism Spectrum are not able to be "Bovine Manure
Artists", and we tend to state things as they are, without
guile or deception. WE say what we mean, and we mean what we
say. This of course does get us into mo end of difficulty,
where "Neurotypicals" use language to deceive, mmisdirect,
and to outright harm other people.

"Fitting in" is not a priority for me. It never has, nor will
it ever be. I simply just am who I am. Other humans can
simply "take it or leave it". At my age of 56, what others
think of me is unimportant. I certainly can not be all things
to all people. It is a harsh truth, but quite descriptive
and relevent regarding a person like me who is on the Autism

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