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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#125

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As an Adult Baby I really dislike sex. Sex is
yucky and dirty. The whole idea of sex is utterly
repugnant to me. "Littles" have nothing to do
with sex, which is a grown-up thing. I prefer to
simply be little and quietly play with my toy cars
and trucks, and my NERF Toy Guns, and with my baby
toys and plush stuffed animals, when not performing
what I need to do as an adult to pay bills, ect. I
have never liked the "adult" world, because as a
child, I "had to be an adult" to be able to survive
to become an adult physically. My Mother's severe
untreated mental-illness took my childhood away
from me. I see the "adult" world as "cruel and evil",
and although I do what I need to do as an adult, I
mostly want "no part of being an adult", especially
sex and relationships. I do understand my own attract-
ions to other adult men, but I am simply unable to
really act on them. MY idea of love and caring is to
be a "Little", and have others simply "look after me",
and treat me as if I were a "little Boy" who does not
know any better about anything and who needs to be
profoundly sheltered and protected from the cruel
outside world.

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