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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#124

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Got dishes washed and hauled away the trash. My Asperger's/Autism friend from Ohio is still here, and
the 2 of us drove over to Hudson, NH to Benson's
Park to walk around for exercise. We then stopped at
the Papa Gino's fast food joint here where I live and
I purchased a pizza, and a couple of side-orders for
Supper. I myself needed a nap as an older adult with
Cerebral Palsy. My friend took another walk around
the block while I rested for 90 minutes. Anyway, not
much else is happening. Both of us are now using our
own techie gadgets to entertain ourselves here in the
kitchen for the rest of the evening. We ASperger's/
Autism adults are rather "predictable" in our daily
routines. My Aspie friend and I are rather similar in
our routines and habits as older 55+ adults.

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