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Third Times the Charm Right?

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So alas, I did not get the Management spot at the current theatre I am working at. I got passed over again by someone less qualified. By that I mean, less time with the company and this particular theatre in general and the only time they have "stepped up" or shown any sort of effort is when the position opened up. Perfect example to prove my point, they were doing training for new hires and they kept telling them "Well you can do this....but you don't have too." In my book that is a huge NO, you don't teach bad habits, you let them develop on their own and then correct them as they arise.

Anywho......Another Management spot has opened up at a theatre similar to mine, it has the new seating and a bar, it just doesn't have the kitchen. I feel I already have a good foot in the door for the position, as I am already TIPS certified and when I got the call from the talent board, my General Manager and Senior Manager both said I was ready and I have an interview for Thursday!

I have the interview questions printed off and I have been going over them trying my best to come up with the best possible answers. I very much plan on nailing this interview!

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