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Journey of a Fallen Star #2

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*I know some might ask "Where's #1?" well that's the first entry, not titled the same because of circumstances around that time*

It truly has been a while since my last entry, hasn't it?
Since my last entry there hasn't been too much going on with me, but I'll get into what HAS happened.
You ready?

Let's see, since February I spent a good few months trying to get some work, hanging around with some friends in the good old N.B, and spent my special day up in the northern part of the province, with family. I stayed with my grandfather(Papa as I like to call him) at the house where he and my grandmother (Nana) lived, and still live to this day. Let me explain, not long after she died, the x-mas cactus she had for 13 years, which rarely bloomed, and never bloomed very much, bloomed and bloomed, and continued to bloom for a good few months, like she was showing that she's still there. Fast-forward, Me and Mom went up to sort through Nan's stuff, amongst the "kids" and "grandkids", which out of this I got one of her old lighters, one or two pins, most of her stuffed animals(which included a christmas bear, at one point me and Nana both had one), a bookmark with her name, and some other stuff I can't think of off the top of my head(almost 11pm typing this)

My birthday was pretty nice there, all the family that was in the area met for dinner at this nice restaurant outside of town, besides a few relatives, but it was still fun. I remember at the end Papa told the lady to put it all on one bill (and when he puts his mind on something you don't argue with him, he may be in his 80's but he's still stubborn as a mule XD) and my aunt gave him a look, which he return while replying that she shouldn't argue, unless she wanted to pay for everybody. Me and Mom left the next day, because we still had stuff to go through back home.

After getting back we got rid of as much as we could in the time limit, seeing we had a basement full of stuff, while the new place has no basement whatsoever. Weird right? During that time I got a job at a local mini-putt, helping to keep it looking classy. Canada day was a blast too, and I even won a huge pokemon stuffy, which currently resides in one corner of my room, because he's that big. Got to say some goodbyes and what-not during the last week, the packing week that is. Then it was on to the road, to bigger and better things.

So many boxes! Holy crud were there ever! Well we got through all the boxes, which I packed into the older shed, as we got more than I thought we were in this deal. Newly remodeled place, a new shed, twice the size of the previous one, AND built-in AC? Aw yeah, we're in business! Only down-side is the lack of space in the main entryway, which is pretty much also a laundry room. But things could be worse. Been here in the new place for about two months I think, and only today did I get a possibly positive contact of work here, which is great. Gonna be going to some classes or something the next two days, then I travel Friday on the bus by myself here for the first time, so I'll have to let you guys and gals know how that goes.

That's about it for now, though if I tried really hard I could have this much longer, but instead I'll leave it for another entry.

Until then, guys and gals, keep being cool!


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