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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#123

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This afternoon I had fun at Hampton Beach with my
Asperger's/Autism friend from Ohio. Of the 2 of us,
I was the one who went out into the surf and I got
myself drenched "head to toe". But, I made a mistake,
in that I forgot to leave my eyeglasses onshore, and
I up and "lost them" in the surf. ARGH! Now I have
to call up "Spindel Eye Associates in Derry for an
eye exam to get a "new" pair of eyeglasses. I did have
to call my little brother who had hid girlfriend with
him to "bail me out". My brother's girlfriend brought
me home in my car, where I had to take off the lever
thar controlls the brake/accelerator, and the steering
wheel knob that I have to use, because she does not
need those to drive, but I do. My little brother took
my Asperger's/Autism friend from Ohio in his car home.
My friend is legally blind (low vision), and is not
allowed to drive anymore. Anyway, it has been an inter-
esting day so far. Oh! I have retrieved my previous
non-bifocal eyeglass prescription out of the 2nd drawer
in my old desk, wich will enable me to see to be able
to drive, until I get my bifocal eyeglasses replaced. I
was of course, close to having an autistic temper-tan-
trum "meltdown", for being a jackass and not leaving my
eyeglasses next to my beach towel. But, I was able to
control my emotional arousal state. Anyway, my Asperger's/
Autism friend from Ohio and I are going to relax for the rest
of the evening. Of course, I am going to try and catch-up
with my online correspondences with other Autistics and
other adults with Cerebral Palsy.

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