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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#122

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It is Sunday evening and my Asperger's/Autism friend
from Ohio and I are watching Tv. Earlier, I brought
him down to Wenham, MA with me to visit one of my elderly
cousins. It is of course sad that she is deteriorating.

Before that, the 2 of us had a nap, diapered of course. My
Aspie friend is also incontinent. Yes! My friend knows
all about my being an Adult Baby. My little brother of
course had to work today at his part-time job. Before our
peaceful afternoon nap, I brought my frient to my church
for worship this morning.

Anyway, the 2 of us Aspie friends are enjoying each other's
company. There is of course, nothing on regular TV, there-
fore, we are here in the kitchen watching DVD's. I let my
Aspie friend borrow my DVD box set of the old 1960's TV Sci-
Fi show, "THe Time Tunnel". He is watching it on his own
poraable DVD player, and I am watching the BBC documentary
miniseries, "War of the Century", about the Nazi "invasion"
of the Soviet Union (Russia).

THe 2 of us Aspies have many things in common. Both of us
are retired on SSDI. Both of us are also trained in Engine-
ering. Both of us love "Star Trek" too. Both of us will
get to bed by ~ Midnight.

Tomorrow I am taking my friend to the Atlantic Ocean to go
swimming at Hampton Beach. Weekdays are less crowded at the
beach there in the Summer. I will also bring my big TONKA
toy trucks with us to play in the "giant" sandbox there.

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