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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#121

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Today has been an interesting day. I did pick
up my Asperger's/Autism friend from Ohio at the
Bus Station here in town. I will note that there
was a mis-communication from one of my other
Asperger's/Autism friends, who did not "CC" me
regarding "changing" the monthly ASAN-NE Working
Group "meeting" from "this afternoon" to "next"
Saturday afternoon. Anyway, I brough my Aspie
friend from Ohio back home. After putting his
suitcase in the spare bedroom, where he will be
sleeping, the two of us went outside to play
with some of my NERF toy guns. We then had Supper
together, and we are watching DVD's. I let him
borrow my "The Time Tunnel", Season #1 DVD box
set to watch, while I have been watching "Star
Trek" DVD's here on my laptop computer here in
the Kitchen. My friend brought his own portable
DVD player with him. My Aspie friend from Ohio
will be staying with me for a week, and we will
do a lot of things together.

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