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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#119

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I can not "be a baby" 24/7. The "adult" world is always
intruding. I was just watching a BBC TV News video report
that the Islamic State "hacked off" the head of an American
Video News Journalist originally from Rochester, NH. The
way I see it, the "Islamic State" is run by a lot of sick
depraved "Animals". The "Islamic State" terrorist fighters
are acting like "DALEKS", and only have one agenda, which

And a Gay "Adult Baby" like myself is seen as "sick and depraved"?
"My World" is all about "Kindness, Love, and Caring". The Islamic
State's "World", is totally all about "Violence, Hate, Revenge,
Murder, and Death".

I will report, that earlier today, I shot video for a self-produced
"Clinical" Video about "Infantilism/Adult Baby Behavior, from my
own point of view as a developmentally disabled person with
Autism and Cerebral Palsy who is an "Adult Survivor of Severe
Childhood Neglect and Abuse". I will not publish it on YouTube.
It will be better utilized to educate Psychiatric Clinicians about
Infantilism/Adult Baby Behavior and its possible origins.

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