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going 24/7 in a relationship.

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Ive been into wearing diapers ever since I can remember now I'm 22 and I'm in college during the end of my freshman year I met a girl so my diaper wearing became a secret once again. Skip a month or two we were at my dorm room I ran down to the machine to get us drinks I literally thought I hope she's not the type to go through my stuff because literally my diapers where in my drawers not hidden stacked neatly lol anyway she saw them but she didn't saw anything to me that day. We keep dating until this summer day driving to Boston she called me a diaper boy and I almost wrecked my car lol my heart sunk I couldn't believe my ears. Obviously since I'm a baby boy i couldn't drop i was like "what did you say" and "why did you say that" and trying to play it off but then she told me she saw my diapers and my suit case full of diapers under my bed. So i told why and what being a AB is and she was like that cool and she wanted to see me in them. Fast forward to now she started to tell me how much she wants to be my mommy and she's been buying my baby spoons and forks binkys she woke me up changing me and she even bought me wipes and a bunch of other stuff. But sometimes i think she only does it to make me happy and it really really does but i don't want her to get bored with me I ask her what do you want me to do for you I say anything and she's always like idk or nothing idk maybe I'm paranoid. Peace

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