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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#118

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Yes! I was again out in the back yard earlier this evening. I will
admit, that I was trying to think of something to upload onto my
YouTube Channel. I guess I decided to create a "Mock" Public-
Service Announcement. Yes! I was thinking about the Sci-Fi

Today of course was a "Day of Rest", being Sunday. I did go to
church this morning. Our Pastor of course is still on "vacation".
Yes! Even Clergy need to be able to go on vacation.

After I returned home from church, I did make sure that I cleaned my Guinea Pig pet friend, "Ernie's" cage. Since he is
my pet, I have the responsibility of making sure his cage is cleaned and that he has plenty of food and water.

I then badly needed to regress into "Baby Mode" once that task
was accomplished. Since it is Sunday, I had a very long afternoon nap time. It felt wonderful to sleep for a while lying
flat on my back for ~ 2 hours, and then upon waking, I mutely
laid there in my bed under one of my blankies and hugging La-La
Lamb, ELMO, and "Precious" Baby Dolly Friend for a couple more
hours, profoundly regressed and being like a totally helpless 3 month-old infant. As I laid there my mind went "blank" for a while, and my cognitive awareness "shrunk" to just my own immediate body. Without my eyeglasses, I could only see clearly just a few inches. My sense of hearing only heard the hum of the air-conditioner unit in my bedroom window behind my head, but my bodily sense of touch only acknowledged the feel of my soft blankie, my pillow, my cuddle toys, and the feel of my diaper against my skin.

Being a person with Spastic Diplegia Type Cerebral Palsy, all through my "Nap and Baby Time", my legs "locked into a single position" for 4 1/2 hours. For me, when lying down or even sitting, my legs just "lock into a single position for very long periods of time". For me, it is very much a conscious effort to get my lower body to "obey" what my mind wants it to do.

Not much else has happened today. After my nap I went out in my car to the Burger King to get myself something for Supper.

Anyway, the rest of my Sunday evening is just watching DVD's and communicating online with other friends of mine on the Autism Spectrum.

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