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Quit reminding me how old I am!

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I have been "zapped" several times in the last week of how old I am. Even the TV just got me.

First. I was at the local single A baseball game last weekend. Miss Oregon sang "America the beautiful" at the 7th inning stretch. On the way out after the game I ran into her and had a chance to talk to her.

She is a very beautiful and articulate young lady. I totally enjoyed the conversation I had with her for about 2 minutes while I waited for the crowd to lighten up so I could get over to the side of the stairs and use the hand rail to go down the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator to open up to use it. The whole time I was talking to her I thought "Christ, when did they start recruiting children for the Miss America Contest"

Then Tuesday my lifetime heart throb past away. RIP Lauren Bacall.

Then Just a few minutes ago I walked past the TV and Tommy Smothers is doing a chronic heart burn commercial. All I could say was When the hell di he get that old looking. If he looks like that and I am only 10 years younger then him, then ........ Damn

Quit showing me how old I am!!!!!


  1. Marka's Avatar
    Ah, you're not [I]old[/I]... you're just getting [I]'seasoned'[/I]! lol (not [I]that[/I] far behind you :eek!: ) -Marka
  2. foxkits's Avatar
    Thats ok like you I'm the same way .
    But a kid at hart .
  3. Scaramouche's Avatar
    Ha! You are waaay older than I! I remember the first time I was called "Sir". And, like you, I was watching baseball on TV the other day, professional mind you, and hey have these kids in the major leagues! What really gets me is when we watch a movie and try and remember when it came out. We're always shocked when it's longer than 10 years!

    Miss Oregon - you devil! Lucky you!
  4. egor's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless
    Ha! You are waaay older than I!
    That ain't the way I heard it!!!
  5. ArchieRoni's Avatar
    Forest Gump came out closer to the Vietnam War than to the present day.

    I mean, um, don't worry, as long as you still feel young at heart, the age of your body doesn't matter.
  6. egor's Avatar
    To add insult to injury. I just handed my Mother-in-law her mail with a Woop Woop WOOP.

    She had no idea what that was about!!!!!!

    Please someone tell me what that is from?
    So I can get this pain out of my chest!!!!!!!!!
  7. littlelodgewrecker's Avatar
    have you been there long enough to remember Mayor *Bud*, the Goose Hollow Inn..... & and his woop woop?

    if so, you are an old-fart!
  8. egor's Avatar
    Sorry littlelodgewrecker not even close. I will give the hint that it is from a tv show.
  9. Starrunner's Avatar
    If it makes you feel any better, egor, I am several years older than you and I am having a great time training for a half marathon next month. I ran a six mile race this Sunday and came in at 47 minutes. I'm heading out shortly to a very stressful, busy job which I truly love. I am grateful to have good health and a lot of energy. It's not how old you are that matters, it's how you live your life with passion. I'm attaching an e-mails that I was inspired to send out to family and friends last week after an amazing run. Read it. Hope it helps
    [FONT=arial]I've been running for thirty five years now. I'm currently training for the Ottawa Army Run on September 21st. It's a fundraiser for veterans and families of military personnel.
    [FONT=arial]After all these years, I sometimes think it's amazing that I can even get out of bed at five in the morning with any enthusiasm to run at all, after the countless thousands upon thousands of miles of feet hitting the pavement.
    [FONT=arial]This morning was just one of those special mornings when I woke up and everything was feeling good, the cardiovascular, the leg strength, and the energy. It was a cool 12 degrees with the sun just starting to come up as I set out on a beautiful route, crossing the Corktown Footbridge to run along the west side of the Rideau Canal, working my way towards Mooney's Bay and back home again, this time crossing over at the Hartwell Lock's and passing through the Arboretum along the way.[/FONT]
    [FONT=arial] [/FONT]
    [FONT=arial]The route itself was not an unusual one for me, but still it was an experience almost transcendental in nature and once again gave me an appreciation of where my life has taken me since I became a runner so many years ago. In 1984, I ran a personal best of 2:45 for a full length marathon. Today, I'm very much aware of the passing years, and that I can now only dream of posting a time anywhere close to that. Those days are far behind me now.
    [FONT=arial]Still, on a morning like this, I just feel grateful to be alive, knowing, after all these miles and decades... I can still have a day like this.
  10. egor's Avatar
    Well at least on the latest how old are you test my mentality age is 23. I can live with that.

    PS. The sound I was talking about is when the mail arrived in the "Adams Family". - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.