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My Broken Heart

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See video for pictures of the house:

This is about it for me. I am reaching the limit of what I can take. I can handle a job I hate for 10 hours a day as long as the pay is better which it is. I can handle my supervisor yelling and throwing a paint brush. I can handle getting sued.

But I can't handle my grandfather losing the house that he built.

I need to raise 20% which is roughly 16k in order to save the house. I have a few months which I am hoping turns out to mean 4 or more months but I have no certainty on that.

It's worth 80k with 2.93 acres of beautiful land. My tree I planted from Arbor day in Elementary school is there. My memories of growing up are there. This is it. This is the last thing I can handle. I am a very strong person but I have reached my limit.


  1. Marka's Avatar
    Talk to the bank/mortgage company... see what they might further negotiate with you...
  2. BabyMitchy's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Marka
    Talk to the bank/mortgage company... see what they might further negotiate with you...
    They won't. It's either 20% down to skip the septic and well testing or replacing the septic and well. It's cheaper to pay the 20% down than to fix the septic and well. This is the bottom line.

    Note: The septic and well are functional but are not up to modern and local required codes. Therefore they must be completely redone in order to qualify for any normal loan that is less than 20% down.

    Estimated cost to fix the septic and well is 25k - 30k. Sadly however, this repair will not even improve the value of the house by nearly that much.

    The house is actually bringing down the property value. Further threatening that if someone else buys the land the house will be torn down.
  3. Cottontail's Avatar
    I hope this doesn't come off wrong -- I assure you that I'm an intensely sentimental person and I sympathize with you fully -- but: Who are you saving the house for? Would you be moving in, ultimately? I absolutely HATE letting go of things that have been fixtures in my life. I'm having a hard enough time doing that with a house I've only lived in for seven years, as most memories of my own kids involve this place. That said, a house really is meant to be lived in, and if the end result of your efforts is a house that's just "in the family," well... that's an expensive family heirloom!

    Again, I sympathize. A lot. I often have to remind myself, though, that the memories that matter will always be with me, and those memories are often much more usable -- certainly more economical and practical -- than the physical objects they stem from. But it's hard. I still have to work at it, every single time.
  4. BabyMitchy's Avatar
    Oh no, we would live in the house immediately and refinance after a year to do needed repairs. I have thought through the whole thing. It's a great investment for the location and land. I have access to all of the needed landscaping equipment even though I am currently renting an apartment. The property taxes for this land are so low in the area as well. It's just such a steal. A house and land I would be honored to own and live on. I plan on putting a lot into the house and land, including a movie and sound studio in the back and an outdoor movie theatre.
  5. Cottontail's Avatar
    In that case, I really hope things work out. Assuming it keeps you near your present job and all that, it sounds like a good opportunity.

    My best friend from elementary school went through a similar thing about ten years ago. His family set up a corporation to purchase the house his grandfather had built so that it could serve as a vacation home for the children and grandchildren. It was on a remote lake, so the vacation potential was certainly there. Unfortunately, things quickly unraveled as people began to express interest in selling their shares, and now there are a bunch of uncles and aunts who don't talk to each other. Whatever you do, don't do that!
  6. ozbub's Avatar
    Best of luck Mitch, gaining possession is half the battle. Once you are in, you have the luxury of time....which incidentally you'll need plenty of with the renovating....which me and my partner have been doing for some time now...oh and there's the added frustration of house versus studio and uni and art and assignments and work as well .... meh, life.....

    Seriously though, best of luck. I'd suggest a bazillion balloons, except it's already kind of at Paradise Falls, yeah?

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