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I Think I Went Overboard...

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So I just spent $400 on some AB/little stuff, and I didn't plan to. Unfortunately, my thought process goes like this...I want this, but I don't want to spend that much money on it...No, I really want it, but I don't want to spend money...I really want it. I don't care how much it costs (and I have enough money). I'm getting it.

As some of you may know, I got off the binge-purge cycle in May. However, since accepting my AB/DL/little side, it seems that I have both gotten better and worse at coping with it. One week, I may just lack my AB/DL/little side completely, and then the next week, kind of like a binge, I get fully immersed. But then, while I'm immersed, I sometimes have the desire to get certain things to make my experience more realistic, which just works against my self-control and my net worth.

Unfortunately, because of my Asperger's, I have a tendency to be perfectionist, and it's quite difficult for me to settle for less. Once I have a way to achieve my goal, there's almost no stopping me.

My tendency to splurge is essentially limited to AB/little stuff, and it's not making me destitute, but this whole AB/DL/little business is taking up a large portion of my life.

When I was in binge-purge, I would satisfy my desires with stuff at home until I got so worked that I went out to buy some things. Then the purge came, and into the trash went all my stuff, and the cycle repeated every few months to every year/year and a half or so.

I'm guessing that where I'm at now is better than when I was in binge-purge as I'm not buying stuff, trashing stuff, and mentally beating myself up, but it's still a little crazy.

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  1. FeekaDimension's Avatar
    I collect vintage toys and I go through these cycles as well. Sometimes I really want a bunch of stuff (especially when I'm feeling down, I tend to buy more), then I realize I could have saved money for something cooler (like a vacation weekend) and I beat myself up about it. It's a part of learning how to be money-savvy.

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