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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#115

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Today I could not go outside to play with my
NERF toy guns. It rained all day, and now after
dark it is still raining. I did go out to the Bank
and to the Walmart Supercenter Department
Store on NH Route 28 here in town. I also did
have to stop at the Irving Gas Station to put
$10.00 worth of Unleaded "Regular" Gasoline
into my car. As usual there is nothing worth
watching on CATV tonight. Instead, I am watch-
ing "STAR TREK" on my computer. I have been
a "Trekkie" for decades. The episode I am now
watching is the one where Capt. Kirk and Cmdr.
Spock beam down to Eminiar 7, the planet that
fights war with computers and "casualties"
just report into "Disintegration Booths" to be
registered as "killed".

Well, I do need to take some time to play
quietly with some toy cars an trucks for a while
after watching STAR TREK.

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