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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#114

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Had an appointment to see my new Mental Healthcare
Therapist. She does understand all about "Adult Babies"
and "Infantilism". Yes. I did "open up" about my being
an Adult Baby. I showed her my Fisher-Price Diaper Bag.

After seeing my new Therapist, I spent time at the Derry,
NH Community Public-Access CATV Station where I vol-
unteer. I uploaded, edited and burned a master broadcast
disk of my latest video program I shot recently in full HD
with my camcorder.

Once that was accomplished, I went home for some needed
"Adult Baby Nap Time".

After my nap, I had to flip back into "Adult Mode" to attend
the monthly Diaconate Council Meeting at my church.

Once back home again, I got undressed and have spent a
bit of time communicating with another Asperger's/Autism
adult online via YAHOO! Instant Messenger.

Now watching TV online. until bedtime later at ~ 1:30 AM.

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