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hmmm *again*

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Can't think of anything. But I remember reading a article on regression. And it was funny. Besides the usual no cure banter one thing stuck out. The need for reassurance. Well I wondered why is it that I feel like I want to go back. And I think you meed friends who can help you push forward with your life. I think I need that support system and a reminder or two.
In other news I think I can aquire a adult pacifier and training pants just for the sake of wearing of course. I want to get it and I am planning like a mad man but I wonder will I execute it. I mean I want this stuff and I think I have to experience being one to accept it. Everyone keeps telling me the same thing. I want it and I think that you need to satisfy your needs and wants.
My birthday is coming up I will be 20 months *lulz* and well I want to treat myself. I know school will be stressful and the need to slip into little space is highest. So am I preparing for the worst? Or am I making excuses.

Also I am learning how to speak German. And so far *ich bin gut, ja* and I need to learn these languages. I need to do my chores. Being a adult can be hard but it can be done. I just need a little push.

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