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Ordered a Tranquility ATN sample

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2 came in the mail free, VERY discreet packaging -- couldn't be happier. Came really quickly after I ordered it too.

I waited until today when I had the house to myself to test it out -- overall the whole thing felt too small, but when I ordered this size I was right in the middle of the size suggestion and the next size up would've been WAY too big. The tapes stuck well, but I could tell how someone trying to reposition them or not set them right could cause the whole thing to fail. It was my first time so I used 2 strips of thin duct tape on both sides between the tapes just to keep it tight and make sure it stuck on.

First thing I noticed was how loose it felt. It held up okay and didn't fall down -- but I'm not used to the non-snugness that the pullups I'm familiar with give. I've never had long nails before and I cut mine/filed them down short and blunt -- but I managed to rip a small hole in the front right where I 'go' without hardly doing anything. I plugged it with a square strip of thick duct tape, which held perfectly the whole way through.

Drank water and wet for about 2ish hours (I wet very slowly and consistently without flooding it) until it was finally borderline leaking. Went ahead and gave myself a push, but it had swelled up so much I couldn't seem to make much of a solid mess -- what did happen was held just fine.

Overall as an adult pullup user for very very mild urine-holding issues, I saw a lot of plusses and a lot of minuses -- but would never use this on a solid basis for myself. It swelled up to become HUGE by the time I was done and the crinkling was very loud -- those two could be a plus or a minus depending on who's buying.

Upsides: Seemed to hold a lot (compared to a pullup), stayed up okay, very soft outer covering. Inside didn't feel too bad either. Discreet packaging, don't seem horribly priced?

Downsides: Odd sizing, bunched up badly under the surface, wetness indicator seemed to completely fall apart and get washed away so badly you couldn't see it, swelled in all the wrong places, delicate outer layer, relatively loud crinkling, and didn't hold as much as it said it would.

Overall: I'm glad the samples were free, but I'm gonna use the other sample I got. Probably go for less of a test and just a casual wearing of it, but I don't have super high hopes. At least it was soft.

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