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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#109

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Today I am having a day when I can hardly stand and walk, even
with my forearm crutches and AFO leg braces. I need to "rest" my
body. I checked my calendar, and I have another meeting with
other Asperger's/Autism Adults in Watertown, MA for a nature
walk along the upper part of the Charles River tomorrow. This
morning I did go out in my car to haul the trash and recyclables
away, which needed to be done.

When I woke up at ~ 10:30 AM, I really "felt like a baby". I was
not just soaked in pee-pee, but also mega "mushy" poopy. It
was a real challenge to clean myself up and dress myself this

After my nap, I will go outside to play with my NERF toy guns
again, and shoot more video footage of myself pretending to
be a modern version of "Paladin" the hero of "HAVE GUN -

And people say that we Autistic persons "have no imagination"...

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