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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#108

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I had a very long day today even though my "wake-up"
time is always ~ 10:30 AM, except on Sunday. I was out
in Keene at a Barbecue Picnic for Asperger's/Autism
adults. It was the 2nd AANE organization Barbecue Picnic
I have attended this Summer. Yesterday I was down in
Watertown, MA at the AANE headquarters for a support
group meeting of Gay Asperger's/Autism Men. It was a
small turnout, but this was only the 1st meeting of this
"new" Asperger's/Autism Support Group. It is very much
needed in our segment of the disability community.

Right now I need to be with my plushies, "Poopy" Bear,
"Timmy" Bear, and my soft baby dolly friend, "precious".
I am of course feeling rather cognitively "overloaded"
after doing a long difficult night-time drive home from
Keene here in New Hampshire back to Salem, NH where
I live. Driving out to Keene and back is all on dangerous
winding secondary roads. NH Route 101 is one of the
most treacherous roads to drive on at night, even in clear
dry weather.

Anyway, I need to get back to reading e-mail from my
other friends in the Autism and Cerebral Palsy disability

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