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Training for a Fall Marathon

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I've been running for thirty five years now. I'm currently training for the Ottawa Army Run on September 21st. It's a fundraiser for veterans and families of military personnel.

After all these years, I sometimes think it's amazing that I can even get out of bed at five in the morning with any enthusiasm to run at all, after the countless thousands upon thousands of miles of feet hitting the pavement.

This morning was just one of those special mornings when I woke up and everything was feeling good, the cardiovascular, the leg strength, and the energy. It was a cool 12 degrees with the sun just starting to come up as I set out on a beautiful route, crossing the Corktown Footbridge to run along the west side of the Rideau Canal, working my way towards and around Mooney's Bay and back home again, this time crossing over at the Hartwell Lock's and passing through the Arboretum along the way.

The route itself was nothing out of the ordinary, but still it was an experience almost transcendental in nature and once again gave me an appreciation of where my life has taken me since I became a runner so many years ago. In 1984, I ran a personal best of 2:45 for a full length marathon. Today, I'm very much aware of the passing years, and that I can now only dream of posting a time like that. Those days are far behind me now.

Yet, on a morning like this, I just feel grateful to be alive, knowing that after all these miles and decades... I can still have a day like this.


  1. Maxx's Avatar
    These days I mostly get that feeling on a calm morning with a couple inches of fresh snow to cushion well worn feet.

    Or a 90+ degree (F) on the bike to keep old joints warm and I don't have to think about anything but drinking enough water.
  2. Avalanche's Avatar
    I experienced one of my peak running moments last week. We've got a bit of rainy weather in the UK recently and I found myself running in pouring rain, like when you're standing in a shower. I soon gave up avoiding the puddles, so my shoes were soaking wet and squishy too. The route is usually crowded at any time of day, but of course in those conditions I was there alone (I met one other runner, while usually you meet like one or two every minute, plus cyclists and "normal" people). I stayed like this for an hour and ended up running much faster than planned to not get cold. I felt like I was crazy being there and not going home and at the same time I felt total peak happiness. I do feel grateful to be alive and to have been introduced to running at an early age.

    2:45 is pretty good. Hard to beat at any age. Good luck with your upcoming races (I googled the Ottawa Run and it's a 1/2M, so the marathon will be after that I suppose). - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.