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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#107

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It may be early August, but I can sense that the days are
"shorter". Yesterday, just for fun, I started shooting video
for my latest "1 man" NERF Warrior series, "HAVE NERF
GUN - WILL TRAVEL", a bit of a homage to the old TV
Western, "HAVE GUN - WILL TRAVEL" that starred Richard
Boone as "Paladin", the mercenary gunslinger for hire. I
am shooting it on my SAMSUNG flip-phone cellular tele-
phone. More than just simple childlike play, I am using my

Oh! I do have "HAVE GUN - WILL TRAVEL", starring actor
'Richard Boone" on DVD in my own personal DVD library,
which is pretty large.

Anyway, back when I was a child, "imitating" TV Western
"Hero's" was a normal part of growing up. But, today,
every parent is like "scared shit-less" of "toy guns" and
imaginative "toy gun play", which as I see it, is all about
"acting out" pretend scenarios of good versus evil and
right versus wrong. Of course, this is part of the normal
social and moral development of boys. But in the name of
safety, and political correctness, all the "zero-tolerance"
policies in place everywhere across America these last
30 years has thrown a monkey-wrench into the works,
when it comes to raising boys to be stable adult men.

Well, I will go outside into my back yard with my NERF
RETALIATOR CS-12 toy gun and shoot a few more
scenes to edit into a 2-minute "Part 2" of "HAVE NERF
GUN - WILL TRAVEL", Episode #1, "Operation Nightfall"
to upload onto my own personal YouTube Channel.

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