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Awesome diaper !!

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Hey guys if you can tell from my recent posts I don't have access to the premium diapers so I use walgreens certainty briefs and to be honest I like them a lot nice diaper although I can see they don't compare to premiums so today I went to the dollar store and got some size 6 baby sens (that's the brand) and I put them in my diaper as a booster and WHOAH !! Those things can absorb !! They held up 3 floods and I surely thought my diaper had taken all of it but no the size 6 was filled to the max and my diaper was pretty wet but not even close to it's capacity! I am very happy the packs only cost 1 dollar for 3 diapers and they will probably make my diaper last much longer. And the feel is amazing to the softness of a baby diaper and bulkyness it doesn't get better

EDIT: the baby diaper that I used as a boater did have slits I cut 4 quarter in the most absorbent area of the diaper

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