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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#105

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Today I only went out to purchase groceries. Around here,
the Market Basket Supermarket Chain Employees are all out
"on strike". Therefore, I had to shop for groceries at the
Walmart Supercenter Department Store. The massive crowd
there at the Walmart did not help my naturally high autistic
prey animal anxiety. Also, as usual, I never manage to get to
park in a designated "Handicapped Parking" space. I simply
had to hobble a ways to the entrance using my rollator
walker which I used as a "shopping cart". At least I did not
have to purchase many groceries. On my way over to the
Walmart, I did stop at the Walgreen's Pharmacy in the KMart
Shopping Plaza. I needed to purchase another 28-count bag
of CERTAINTY XL-Size "Adult PAMPERS dydees". Big boys
like me who do not use the potty chair go through a lot of
diapers every week.

When I returned home, my little brother had his girlfriend
over, and I made myself scarce to let them have their time
together. I did take a "long" nap and was just simply very
happy, "regressed" back to babyhood, lying in my bed in
nothing but my diaper and covered in my big wool blankie
with the air-conditioning on "maximum". The humidity here
where I live has been terribly high today. As I fell asleep for
my nap earlier today, I hugged my soft dolly friend, "Pre-
cious". Hugging him makes me feel safe and loved. He and
I fell asleep, thinking about being in "Equestria Land" where
all the "My Little Pony Friends" live. Lots of times, I find my-
self wishing that "Equestria Land" and all the "My Little Pony
Friends" were "100% real" and not just "make-believe".

Here in the real world, "bad things happen" and people many
times cause them and "never make things right or better".
Too many "bad men filled with hate" are hurting elderly people,
women, children, and tiny babies over in the Middle East, and
they think that God says it is ok to do that. Only Satan tells bad
men to hurt elderly people, children, and babies.

Anyway, time to watch some cartoons.

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