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return of the blog #9

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well there was a post a while ago about how i was going to be a more regular poster, and then i dissapeared for a little over a month.

In this time so much has happened

I applied for a job on the east side of the state, and was offered it.
my wife applied for a job over here, and well she was offered it.

At this one perfect moment in time we had everything we were looking for, for the last year, at our finger tips.
this was both the most awesome and the most terrible thing.

As being where we are is where we want to be, we decided to take her job. things are starting to look up.
during the last few months I have had to show a considerable amount of restraint. my wife isn't into the whole AB/Little side of things , but really doesn't care about the DL area. This means most paraphernalia out of sight.

I guess this will take time. The one thing i am most looking forward to is counseling. I feel this will be good for both of us. the one thing i am worried about, is that the counselor will be unable to cope with the AB/DL stuff in a positive matter, so yea thats a thing.

this is all I have right now, its alot harder to blog when life starts flying by, and with my wife here, i have put her as the focus of my energy.

I will try to make this happen again.

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