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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#104

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Today was very busy and physically tiring for me. I spent
an entire afternoon in Swanzey, NH shooting video of the
Cheshire County Fair for Derry, NH Community Public-
Access CATV where I volunteer. Spent 4 hours "on the
road" travelling to and from the Cheshire County Fair. For
me as an Autistic adult, my favorite part of Agricultural
Fairs is "being around the farm animals". They are easier
for me to cognitively understand "socially" than other
Humans. Only Humans there I was interested in were the
others there visiting the Cheshire County Fair who were
developmentally disabled like me.

Anyway, I am experiencing a bit of neuro-muscular aching
from all the standing and walking I did wearing my AFO
leg braces and using my 4-wheel rollator walker frame to
aid my mobility.

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