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i guess I got my wish

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I had always wished to be accepted for my diapers and not have to worry about it. Well my parents accept their grown daughter wears diapers. Well that came in handy for my dad when he was sick on our trip and had diarrhea and was shitting all night and day and needed to be close to the bathroom. Then he ended up borrowing my pull ups to go on a boat ride and he peed it because he couldn't hold it.

Looks like I got my wish finally. Me wearing them has become so normal, it's become trivialized. My dad just had to ask in front of his brother to me if I had any diapers, my mom has walked in on me changing and then leaving my son in there with me, she has refused to leave my room with my kid and said it's okay I can change in front of her, it's who I am and she knows I wear them. Yeah that was awkward and I didn't think then to take a diaper into the bathroom with me and change. Then two nights ago I was semi naked in bed and I wasn't sure how to describe it. I wasn't naked naked because I had socks on and a bra and diaper, but I wasn't dressed because I had no jamese on. So she let my son in my room at night and I told her I was naked and she said that was fine because she sleeps naked too and my son crawled into bed with me and I was in my diaper with nothing over it. Now I have thought of the words for it, semi naked. It means you have no clothes on or pajamas but you have on a bra or socks or panties, or diaper. Next time I will say I am semi naked.

But jeez I still like some privacy and I don't want my kid seeing me in them or have it be announced in front of anyone I wear diapers and asking me if I had any was implying I wear them. But apparently it's okay in this family. Hopefully my dad's brother didn't hear a word because he was busy reading and he didn't say a word about it. My son doesn't say anything about me wearing them but he had a few times and I always direct him away from that topic. Kids that young forget what they were talking about when you distract them. I still wonder how anyone wears 24/7 without their young children seeing it. I always assume they just know because how do you hide it from them? I have always treated my diapers like it's normal and my underwear. I think that helps beat the stigma. I also told him he didn't need diapers anymore and telling him reasons why he should use the potty every time he didn't like being wet or messy or getting changed or having a rash and seeing me have one. I didn't tell him they were for babies and only babies wear them, I just used positive reinforcements like letting him pick out his potty chair, showing him big boy pants, bribing him with treats. But I am happy he is potty trained and he can use the potty on his own now and he loves his big boy underwear. He finds his sister's diaper to be icky when they are messy or smelly and he finds mine icky too. that's why he wears underwear and uses the potty, diapers are icky.

With full acceptance now, I don't have to feel any shame. I still get uncomfortable being seen in them or changing in front of my mother. I still prefer my privacy. It's not like in my Natalie stories where diapers are normal in the family, the character can just be seen in them by her family members and not have any issues with it or change in front of her mother or sister without an issue and can just walk around semi naked in their house like I used to do in my bra and underwear. But in the story I replaced it with diapers and they are treated like her underwear. But she still gets told by her father to put something on, that is what a dad would tell their daughter even if they were wearing underwear and a bra. Yeah I may have made it this far but I am not comfortable with it like my character is. But she is incontinent, I'm not. Maybe if I was from a young age, I may have been comfortable with this because it would feel so normal like it is in her family. Plus she never had a bad history with diapers, never bee told how wrong or sick it is like I have. It had never been made a big deal in her family that she needed them but she was never allowed to go without one on unless she was swimming or taking a bath or playing with water eg. running through the sprinkler or doing the slip and slide.

But to the fetish community I may be judged for my strange family.

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