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where the ranbow becomes the sun

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this story was given to me from the dream i hope it makes you all happy xx roo

Were the rainbow becomes the sun.

Long ago in the time of the woom moon before you were born there was a great owl that held you safe in her soft wings. it was a time when all that you felt was love. There the great owl helped you remember all that has been and tort you all that is to come. There is a day that comes for all baby's it is a hard day it is the day of the big decision. Up until this day in those happy safe place in the soft wings of great owl you were nether a girl or boy but both. but the day of the big decision comes for all baby's, you had to decide and it was a hard decision. You had to choose which body to have the one of a girl or the one of a boy

“good morning my darling to day there's work to do.” says the great owl in its warm careing voice.“to day my sweet is the day of the big decision the day you decide what body to have the one of a girl or the one of a boy. it is a hard day but it is a good day you need to do this. for its to create the magic of new beginning's. This is the magic to make new life. but don't fear my darling which ever you decide on to be girl or boy you will still be all you beautiful and sweet as you are, as you always will be.

You are the night and the day.

you are a small seed and the great tree.

you are the whole universe and a grain of sand.

you are made of the stars and all the knowledge of forever is inside you.

but you will forget all this, just as you will for get that you were once as you are now. This has to be for your path in the world of the rainbows is to find it once more to remember the true you and find all the new beautiful gems that are only from you and you alone. these gems will bring new magic joy and happiness in to the world of rainbows that you will one day soon enter and be part of. The world of the rainbows is not an easy place to be there is much sadness there. But this world is full of beauty and love its just you and all like you will some times forget but really love is all there is. sadness is just like losing a diamond in a deep well you just have to be brave and find it again.

So you will be there with all your brothers and sisters. you will shair and play and learn from them as they will learn from you. You will help each other remember who you are. One day the time will come, if you chose, to make new life. So with the power of the magic of new beginnings together with a brother or a sister, this depend on what you choose to day. And again do not fear it matters not which you choose for you will all ways be you no matter what. So There with the two half's of the same apple a brother and a sister, you can make new life just as you are now here in my wings. This is so life can be always, forever. and one day with the help of all your brothers and sisters you will remember who you are again. you are as you are now two half's of the same apple. When that day comes that you truly remember this you will be able to once more be here with me when ever you want and be forever were the rainbow becomes the sun, be were there is only love were ever you are.”

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