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The thing with Neutral Rep

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I will say some random stuff most of the time but there will be a meaning. I got +2 rep last week and I have been going crazy helping people but this is before every random day I will see 1 reputation comment but it's a neutral trying to reach out to me and it's a game for me saying did I do something good or did I do something bad and learn my lesson from it?

I wish it didn't exist because it's a stress beacon from me and I just got another neutral but I'm not complaining. It's like each neutral comment is full of nonsense. If I wanted to learn a lesson I could have received a PM about it. I hate stress-games because I seriously thought I was going to lose a rep point for something stupid o_O


  1. Marka's Avatar
    I wouldn't loose sleep over it... If the Rep is in question by you... please report it! It doesn't mean that a Neutral Rep will be overturned, however... the mods may see a pattern of offense from individual users, and may then question their practices...

    As one who was in the past a bit more overly-sensitive myself; there are lessons in that too... even if some seem to have a knack for delivering insinuations or accusations in what should be a neutral message...

    It's not a perfect system, but it works fairly well most of the time... try not to take it personal...

  2. egor's Avatar
    I too have gone through periods of getting neutral reps. The thing is to stop and look at the reaction that they are receiving. This is why it is an option for amenity for the person with the concern.

    I to was very "upset" by the receipt of the neutral reps. I reported them and all that happens is that the Mods. agree that the sender is over reacting. But then again it made me step back and see that I to was over reacting.

    I did find out who sent me one and when I discussed it with them it made perfect since.

    1) They did not have time at that moment to send a PM.

    2) They where attempting to get me to look at all sides of the discussion and not be so "strong" in my statements.

    The big this is that the person that won the role model award for this year, answered me in a ranting PM and said the exact same thing she told you in the response above me.

    So I would just say stop, take a breath, and remember "Q-tip" (Quit taking it personal), and is there a kernel of truth in the statement being made.

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