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baby power

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Jesus said "be as a child" some people have interpreted this as being totally passive and to never question any thing but a child and baby's in the own more simple way wants to know everything!!! will question everything!!! and in most cases will challenge the answer with WHY !!!!!

was jesus passive? or did he question and challenge the affairs of the world.

big love to jesus he's got it going on he never lost it!!!!!!
keep it up aby's?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?

it is the way to a better future

but remember that children/ baby's also live in the magic they live in the mystery the mystery this is what we don't see there is a difference between the affairs of the world and the magic of forever. this magic and the why is what we are told to not do and be part of when we GROW UP. but that MAGIC and the WHY is what gives us the power, the power to make every thing happy and beautiful and peaceful once more so we can all play.

so please dont give it up, power!!!!!

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