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Finally diapered and a story haha

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Well after 2 months of no diapers bc i couldn't by them i finally purchased a 40 pack of certainty briefs ! this is my first time wearing an actual adult diaper last 2 times i was so nervous i bought the adjustable underwear HAHA i was so elated when i got home i was almost shaking unfortunately i don't know if their big or me a noob but them on wrong but i ended up having to adjust them with tape and they are soooo comfortable and they're hold up very well. so any tips on how to but these diapers on lol and anyone else get that rush when they just get new diapers.

Funny note: i underestimated how much 40 was so i ran home with the huge bag and i had to improvise a whole new hiding spot in my room.

PS: don't you sometimes feel like you wish to just throw your diapers in your room saying screw it i don't care if any one finds out ?

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