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Walgreens certainty diapers

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Hey guys i got into diapers a couple months ago even though I've always liked them. i started with walgreens adjustable underwear and they where alright (1 flood and maybe i wetting) now I'm getting their actually briefs. I'm buying a 40 count pack since they're on sale. any one used them before ? how do they hold? and if you have tips on how to diaper myself that would be appreciated too.


  1. bird's Avatar
    They are much better than the adjustable underwear, but they are not premium quality. Still, I did use them for a couple of months straight and it was enjoyable. They held a solid wetting from me and sometimes two if they were on the small side. I recommend you use both a booster and plastic pants, however... Because the diapers are cloth-like, your butt will be wet after a while, and so will your pants...

    As far as taping... the tapes are kind of weak. They are prone to breakage. I think one in every four diapers had a tape that came broken for me, or perhaps I just pulled too tightly. YMMV.

    Happy diapering.
  2. Maxx's Avatar
    I use them now and then for long walks, even pooped them on said walks. Functional enough. I wouldn't trust them sitting on good furniture. Duct tape solves everything, including weak tape.

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