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Just discovered this blog feature!

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So if anyone out there is reading, I just came across this blog feature. I am no stranger to blogging but I have not blooged about diapers and such before. This is an interesting thing for me to do and perhaps I will utilize this tool more so down the line when I have become more familiar with different aspects of the lifestyle(s) involved.

As for now, where to start? I'm a biological male who is 21 years old. My intro thread tells you a decent amount about me so I will not go too in depth here, but I have always know I liked diapers. As I assume it can be for others, it is difficult for me to wrap my mind entirely around this...but I just like them!! Haha. Anyways, while I have been interested in them just about my entire life, only recently have I began to immerse myself in the idea more. I am trying to learn more about myself in general, have a good time wearing diapers, experience new things, and completely understand what my interests are as far as diapers, ab/dl's, and the like.

I also have a spanking fetish which I knew was a part of me since I was a young child. I do not take much interest in straight-forward sex, but I am sexually aroused by spanking. I am also sexually into diapers (sort of, I think?), but I believe that I more so enjoy wearing them than I do tying them in sexually. I also like the idea of combining diapers with spanking, such as diaper punishments, etc. and being restrained with a diaper.

Moreover, I always felt that I was straight. However, the older I got the more-open minded I became and currently I am exploring my sexuality and learning what I'm really 'all about'. In other words... I am straight but I also enjoy wearing panties, so maybe I could be bisexual? I do not believe that I am trans or have a desire to be, but I do not know anything about the lifestyle really so maybe it could be part of me and I don't even know it yet? I don't know!! However, I do not take much interest in actual sex at all, which is why at some periods in my life I thought I could perhaps be asexual? Especially since I masturbate to spanking porn, and not actual sex. Is this odd? LOL.. So yeah, right now I cannot say for sure. And, in fact, this is the first place I have ever openly admitted most of this. Woo hoo! So maybe this page can help me figure some stuff out!

I'd love to chat with anyone and everyone and gain different perspectives on things. I am very open-minded and I could not foresee myself judging anyone on this page for, well, any reason at all really. So please do not hesitate to strike up a conversation, or comment on a thread I start, send me a private message, or anything else! I look forward to make some new friends.


  1. soggyboy's Avatar
    Hi Spanko.

    Great intro man. I hope you won't be to disappointed with any responses or lack thereof. The blog section doesn't seem to generate a lot of "response traffic" for what I've seen.

    I've posted a few, a couple being rather long stories from my childhood regarding wet pants incidents, and haven't got any replies. If I shorten them and post in the AB or DL forum, I am usually pleased with the conversation that's been generated. I don't know if maybe people don't read the blogs as much, don't reply as much, or maybe just haven't been interested in my story perhaps, lol!

    Regardless, it is a great feature, and a good place to discuss topics that maybe don't quite fit into another forum. It also seems to be a place to vent for a lot of people, which I guess we all need.

    If you don't get much feedback, try telling us about a couple of spanking/diaper stories in the AB forum. I'd be interested to read them.

    Good luck and welcome aboard!
  2. spanko18's Avatar
    Hi there, and I appreciate your response. Good to know the info you provided as well. I agree that the blog feature is probably going to wind up being a very beneficial venting tool. While, on the other hand, the forum will turn out to be a better conversation starter. I'm glad you have interest in reading and I will try to post more in the future. Today I have been a frequent poster, I think at least, in an attempt to earn more credibility early on on the site. I am fairly new, as stated, and would like to build a "reputation"--so to speak. Thanks for the warm wishes and I hope to talk with you more in the future. See you around the page!
  3. IzzyFox's Avatar
    For quite some time, I thought of myself as straight, but I started feeling somewhat confused about my sexual orientation in my early 20's. I can't predict how things will unfold for you, but I realized I was bisexual around the age of 25. I strongly "lean" toward the opposite sex when it comes to my bisexuality, so while I am not sure if this is the case, perhaps such a thing did play a role in my confusion (it isn't common for me to find a guy I find attractive).

    There is a sexual aspect to my interest in diapers, but it isn't the only aspect to them for me. I also happen to have a spanking fetish as well (I definitely find combining diapers, spanking, and restraints appealing). - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.