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Back after a long depature!

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Many of you already know me, but also many of you do not. I am not here to describe myself, that is what my profile is for, so I am here to essentially announce my official return. Although I have been back for about five weeks now, I been too busy trying to catch up on the forums before I could post another blog haha!

Nothing very eventful happened while I was gone. My back condition is still in the same general condition but I have another aspiration surgery scheduled for january. This was supposed to be my last semester before my associates but it did not turn out that way. In fact I failed all three of my college classes this semester and I have never officially failed a college class before. I blame this mostly on cutting back on my pain killer medicine, due to the slight increase in pain and most of all the horrible withdrawal. I just could not function and it messed me up.

Ultimately in the past month I have decided I am not going back to college until I get off this medicine, and just work and try to save up some money. It upsets me slightly that I was so close to my associates and now it is shattered for now. :frown:

Oh yeah, I did get a really good new job while I was gone. About the only thing good that happened, oh yeah in a new car too. So some good things happened I guess. I am now a front desk guest service associate at a full service hotel! The pay is decent but not great, but I get health benefits, dental benefits, 2 weeks paid vacation, and time& a half on holidays. So my hope is to move up in pay there and just save money and hopefully move out of my parents house in the near future. This bad economy is making it 100 times harder too! :-/

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