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Little time

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I had a odd day yesterday. Like it started out with me doing laundry with my brothers. No breakfast till much later and I ended up stuffing myself. Then we got home and I didn't want to put up the clothes. Like I was filled with such irritability. Then anxiety then I took a nap. I spent the reat of the day talking with my friends. The perfect opportunity arose. One brother left for the day while one went to work. And my parents went on a date. It dawned on me I could have some little me time. So I grabbed my safety pins and a baby blanket and wore it like a diaper. Then we had some sun tea and I placed it in a sippy cup. I eas rushing so fast that I kinda hurt myself. Then I had red beans and rice with no spoon. I ate it with my hands. Then I watched a episode of octonauts. I sat there qiggling my toes thumb in my mouth. I was at peace. I couldn't have wet, I would liked to but washer machine is broke. It was pure bliss
I get it why people like to act like a baby. I then started to colour with my non dominant hand. Took that idea from a babyfur story I am reading. It was awesome. Sadly I had to put everything up. Still I think I could duplicate it. But idk. A part of me hopes it wasn't a one time deal. But I think I needed it.
Well its a new day.
I feel like a new man
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